Sustainability is in our DNA

We have decided to become a sustainable firm, not because it is a trend to be sustainable but rather because we are deeply convinced that we have to act. 

Since its launch, Marjac has fully integrated sustainability into its modus operandi. We wanted our firm to have a strong sustainable footprint guiding our development based on environmental, social and good governance factors.

What does sustainability mean to us?

We are paperless!  

  • we are fully digital

  • we do not print except when it is legally mandatory

  • we keep all our documents on a secured external server

  • we use electronic signatures

Our offices are green!

Our offices are

  • located near the train station and the tramway to be an incentive for common transportation

  • designed to promote our commitment to reducing the consumption of natural ressources

  • structured to reduce emissions and manage waste sustainability

We care for the satisfaction of our employees! 

  • we integrate them in our decision making process and give sense to their contribution to Marjac

  • we are open to flexible working hours

  • we encourage working from home for those who prefers it thanks to our IT systems 

  • we do not have gender pay-gap and have full cultural diversity in our team

  • we exchange daily in several languages

How Marjac is reducing emissions?

We hold all our meetings by video conference and walk or take public transports to reduce our carbon footprint.