When two lawyers met at the beginning of their career ...

At the end of the nineties, two lawyers met in a Magic Circle law firm in Luxembourg. During this time, they both specialised in the investment funds and regulatory sectors. 

Having part of their families in Germany while coming from French speaking countries, Luxembourg became rapidly an evidence for them and the place to be. A place that is offering a mix of French and German culture with great development opportunities. A place where the anglo saxon world became more and more predominant and where the international flair was expending.

Time has passed, each one going her own way, developing her career and knowledge still in the investment funds and regulatory sectors opening to the private equity and venture capital industry. They worked agin in the same team in a top tier bank of Luxembourg where they both learned the operational aspects of the investment funds while increasing their practical knowledge with a service provider offering the complete range of services.

They both returned to the lawyers's life in different  law firms while keeping close relationships.

in 2019, time has come to re-build the team and launch their own law firm that gives life to they values and their vision.

This is why we do investment funds and regulatory. Nothing else. 

Because we met

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